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the m.lari team

planning to work with m.lari this year to get those amazing professional photographs of your baby or your dog or your hamster that you’ve always wanted?  then you should clearly get to know the team you’ll be hiring!  who’s behind the magic, besides the photographer?

shahzeb, photographer’s assistant


you can find this team member just behind the camera lens squeezing a squeaky toy or dancing a cat teaser.  he’s a pet wrangler extraordinaire, and if your shoot calls for it he’ll show up and wrangle your petulant pet into the perfect pose.  off the clock, shahzeb can be found cursing the jets, buying chairs or reading nabokov.




beast, editing assistant

002274-R1-012-EditPINbeast is well known for his whirlwind editing skillz.  he sits on the keyboard and directs the entire postproduction process, from culling your photos down to the stunners to removing dog leashes and baby skin flakes in photoshop.  he’s the master.  he also likes to contribute wardrobe ideas to the pinterest boards.




enzo, spokesdog

2443_14-EditPINenzo’s primary strength is sitting there and looking good, so that’s what he does for m.lari photography.  he can be found gracing the m.lari instagram feed and the computer room carpet, where he sometimes chews on a toy.  enzo currently holds the record for farthest drool fling in brooklyn.

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