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when we visited mallorca this summer i took only my rolleiflex tlr and a pile of fuji 400h.  there’s no better way to get to know a camera than to force yourself to shoot nothing else for a period of time.  it starts out awkward, but by the end it becomes second nature.  the tlr is old school but is a real pleasure to shoot once you adjust to the reverse image in your viewfinder (it’s especially easy with my fancy bright new focusing screen in it).  anyway – here’s the result.  as much as i like taking pictures of brooklyn babies and pets, i must say travel photography was a nice change of pace.  maybe nat geo will sponsor my next holiday . . . 😀  take a look – i probably could have drawn these and they would still make you want to visit this beautiful island.


mallorca diptych 2PIN

mallorca diptych 1PIN

mallorca diptych 5PIN

mallorca diptych 7PIN

mallorca diptych 6PIN

mallorca diptych 3PIN

mallorca diptych 4PIN

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