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5 cat instagram feeds you need to follow

000083430005PINwho doesn’t love scrolling through adorable cat photography on instagram?  the problem is there is so. much. bad. photography. out there.  so if you follow the wrong feeds, you end up scrolling through blurry, dark, boring iphone pics of someone’s ugly cat.  (all right, no cats are ugly.  well some are, but ugly-cute.)  here’s a little help for that problem.

5.  @bestmeow:  they curate this one pretty well; i’d say 98% of the time you’re looking at either solid photography or something that’s so cute you can forgive a little poor composition.  as a side note, the curators monica and holly sisson have great personal feeds as well.

4.  @princessmonstertruck:  ok, princess monster truck’s mom is not going to win any photography prizes.  but come on – those teeth!  another side note – exact same comments for @winstonsmushface except substitute “tongue” for “teeth.”  funny captions too.

3.  @pudgethecat:  she wears hats.  ’nuff said.

2.  @meetgarfi:  i can’t.  just go look

1.  @atchoumfan:  this cat.  is an owl.  it’s an owl!  but it’s a cat!  just go look.

enjoy! 😀


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