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5 dog instagram feeds you need to follow

Clearly I couldn’t do the cat version without a dog follow up!

5.  @lucyfarted:  infrequent posts so your feed doesn’t clog, but fat bulldog lucy is pretty endearing when she does show up.  Well composed and awww worthy, if poorly lit.

4.  @handsomemike – a gorgeous white german shepherd living the sports filled outdoor life you wish you lived but never will (you live in the city, remember?).  scroll through to feel active and healthy.

3.  @andrewknapp:  this is momo’s feed, of “find momo” fame.  adorable dog, great photography, and fun for the littles to try to figure out where he’s hidden that dog in some of the images.

2.  @thiswildidea:  maddie, of “maddie on things” fame.  maddie’s always going on crazy adventures and standing on unlikely objects, and she looks great doing it.

1.  @theanalogdog:  photos of an endearing bearded creature, all shot on film.  what more could you ask for?  oh, and i took them.



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