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brooklyn dog photographerI’m Michelle, and I like funny little creatures like pets and babies. I shoot to remind you why you have them: for love, and for comic relief. Because come on – kids and pets are completely ridiculous, even when they’re misbehaving. And I shoot to remind you why you have each other. Because sometimes in the rush of life we forget that. So many couples lack images that tell their story right up to the chapter they’re on right now. Maybe you have wedding photos, but it’s five years later and you’re living a completely different life. Maybe you never got married. Maybe it never occurred to you to step into the pictures because you’ve been so focused on snapping iPhone pics of your new Cavalier King Charles. I want to give you those images, the ones that take you right back to this moment in time with your little family (and in my world, pets are family). How you were early on with just your dog or cat or maybe a tiny child too. How there is torn up toilet paper and there are tantrums and laughter and love and licks, and all of this absurdity. And holding it all together there is love, deep human connection, and happiness. You should be able to look at all that, hold it in your hands. It’s important.

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